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The quest is on to improve rate of canola emergence

Canola seeds may be tiny, but they don’t come cheap.

That’s prompted more farmers to use row-crop precision seeders in order to get more bang for their buck.

There are many row-crop seeders on the market, but the problem is none of them do a perfect job, said Pipe-stone-area farmer Frank Prince, who offered his opinions at the recent CanoLABS event hosted …


Precision Planting

Looking back, 2011 may have been a watershed year for canola – or maybe not. On a few farms in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, canola seeding rates were slashed by as much as half, and the results were good.
Two precision-seeding approaches were being used. One used a new metering device in an air drill from SeedMaster, built at Emerald Park, SK. The other used a modified vacuum disc built by Precision Planting of Tremont, IL, in a John Deere …


Three options for precision planting canola

At least three manufacturers are taking direct aim at seed-by-seed planting systems for thousands of farms where canola has become the most important crop. With the seed investment for high-value canola more than $10 a pound, a system that can shave the seeding rate can soon pay for itself. First on the scene, and native to Canada, is the SeedMaster metering device from Saskatchewan. It has been followed by two vacuum disc systems, the Precision Planting disc …


Using a Planter for Canola? Top Tips to Avoid a Wreck

Canola seed is darn expensive. So is equipment. Buying new equipment to save on seed only makes sense if you make the most of the iron purchase. If you’re one of the many farmers curious about integrating a shiny new or not-so-new planter into the equipment mix with your sights set on saving on canola seed costs, there are more than a few details to iron out first. The success of using a planter for canola — as with any crop — is proper calibration and careful selection of parts and add-ons specific to Canadian conditions.

Frank Prince farms near Deloraine, Man., and has been using a planter for mostly…